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CERA Sponsorships

Expand your Business Reach with CERA's Sponsorship Opportunities. Have a banner placed at the Ball Diamonds, get noticed during the college ball games in the gym, or be part of the fun and sponsor one of our park events!

Our Benefits

Sponsorships are Tax-Deductible

Elevate your Business's visibility with a sponsorship at CERA Sports Park. Not only will you gain valuable exposure to a diverse audience of sports enthusiasts, but your contribution is also tax deductible

Reach 300k Park Visitors

Get seen with a custom banner with our Primary or Secondary Field Options. Secondary Field options may choose locations between the Ball Diamonds, Pickleball Courts, Gymnasium, or Park Events.

112k Yearly Web Visitors

Get seen online with our website advertising opportunity. Our homepage sees an estimated 112k yearly visitors and 5,250 Unique Visitors monthly. Share our network of online guests to gain Brand Visibility.

40% Increase In Users

Our CERA Mobile App has a growing user base that provides you the perfect opportunity to reach some of our most returning guests. Make the most of all of our online opportunities and add the CERA App to your package.

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