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The Landing

Enjoy live music, pizza, wings, and a full bar all in one convenient place.

Located at the dock overlooking the lake just past the aquatics center.

Only serving those that are 21+ years old.

2023 Band Schedule

Bands usually play around 8PM - 10:30 every Friday and Saturday.


26th -  Corey & Riley

27th - Poor Man's Version

28th - Ragtop Deluxe


2nd - Green Timbre

3rd - Another Fine Mess

10th - Paradise City

16th - Cotton Patch

17th - Common Ground

24th - Off the Hook

30th - Black Velvet


1st - Poor Man's Version

2nd - Cody Ikerd and the Sidewinders

3rd - Paradise City

4th - Night Owl Country

7th - Justyn Underwood

8th - Vinyl Escape

15th - Another Fine Mess

21st - Ruben Guthrie

22nd - Redline Revival

28th - Lonesome Crow

29th - Assorted Flavors


5th - Beyond Hope

11th - Green Timbre

12th - Common Ground

19th - Paradise City

25th - Black Velvet

26th - 3 Beards Strummin


1st - Corey & Riley

2nd - Poor Man's Version

3rd - Night Owl Country band

8th - Justyn Underwood

9th - Vinyl Escape Band

15th & 16th - Just BeCAUSE Fundraiser

Blue River Band

22nd - Ruben Guthrie

23rd - Ragtop Deluxe

30th - Beyond Hope


7th - Paradise City

13th - Black Velvet

14th - BOOze N Bites

12PM - 1:30PM: Parker Ballard

2PM - 4PM: Common Ground

4:30PM - 7PM: Vinyl Escape Band

7:30PM - 10:30: Blue River Band

21st - Another Fine Mess

28th - Off The Hook

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