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Whittington Go Kart Track

The Whittington Family Raceway offers a great challenge to drivers – young and old. It is laid out in a figure-eight design without any crossover in the middle.  


This facility is a hobbyist track and does not provide go-karts to rent. The track does not have lights for after-dark participation. Racing is not allowed at any time. Slick tires are the only form of tire allowed on the track. helmets are required.


All drivers must register at the sports & fitness center and review the go-kart rules before using the track.  


For the safety of our customers, CERA strictly enforces the go-kart rules. Violation of these rules will result in the termination of park privileges. 


$10 per driver per day.  no fee for CERA Pass holder (driver must have pass).


Open during normal park hours and subject to weather conditions. Track will close at 4pm from November-March. track will be closed during all scheduled Columbus Gun Club trap and skeet shoots, as well as special events.

Closure Dates:

Dates with * are closed until 4pm

April 28th*

May 18th

May 26th*

June 23rd*

June 29th

July 4th

July 25th - July 30th

August 25th

August 27th*

August 31st

September 7th

September 10th

September 17th

September 21st

September 22nd*

September 23rd

September 25th

October 5th

October 11th

October 26th*

October 27th

November 3rd

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