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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you located?

    • 3989 South 525 East, Columbus, Indiana 47203​

  • Do you still offer discounts for Cummins or Corporate Partner employees?

    • We no longer offer Cummins or any other Corporate discounts.

  • Can children go to The Landing?

    • Children cannot go to The Landing after 7pm nor come up to order at the bar. However, they are welcome to hang out at the shelter house behind the bar or in the grassy area across the lake beside the playground. 

  • Can I bring my dogs?

    • Yes, you can bring your dogs with you! Animals just need to be on a leash no longer than 6ft when in public areas. Animals must also be accompanied at all times when in public places or at your campsite. They must not be left alone when outside and be inside during quiet hours. Excessively aggressive or animals being loud after hours will be asked to leave the park.

  • What are your prices and operation hours?

    • You can view our pricing and hours here.

  • Do you accept cash?

    • Cash or credit is accepted at the Front Gate, Sport and Fitness Center, and The Landing. All other facilities are cashless. A cash card can be obtained at the Sport and Fitness Center and be used at any facility within the park.

  • Can I take any vehicle on the go-kart track?

    • No, only go-karts with racing slick tires.​

  • What firearms can be used at the trap and skeet range?

    • We only allow rifles at the trap and skeet range​

  • Do you still have the shooting range?

    • We no longer have the shooting range​

  • Do you have paddle boats?

    • We no longer have the paddle boats. You may bring in a kayak or boat with a small trolling motor. You will need to pay the daily boat launch fee of $5 at the Sport and Fitness Center. 

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