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CERA Sports Volleyball

To register please email

League Options

Monday Sand Leagues (8 weeks + Tournament)

Start Date: April 29th

Start Date: July 15th


Indoor Leagues ( 10 weeks + Tournament)

Winter Start Date: TBD

Fall Start Date: TBD

Co-Ed League Rules

When Playing Co-ED, a team cannot have more than 50% males playing on the court.

Co-Ed Quads

Cannot play with more than two males on the court.

Co-Ed Six's

Cannot play with more than three males on the court.

There must be at least one female

Service order should be male/female as best as possible.

Registration Fees

Monday Sand Leagues - $80 per team + $5/week per player

Indoor Leagues - $90 per team + $5/week per player

To register please email

* $5 fee is the daily Gate fee/Sport and Fitness Center fee.

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