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CERA offers six (6) shelter houses that are located in the front area of the park and are available to rent by the day. Each shelter is equipped with picnic tables, lights & electric (except for lakeview), and water access.  CERA provides complimentary trash receptacles, bags, and trash pickup throughout your event.  

Please note that anyone attending the event that is not a CERA Pass holder will be charged the $5 entry fee.

For Field Trips, Company Outings, and Events please email

Reserve your shelter today! Call 812-377-5849


Public Mon - Thurs
CERA Pass Holder Mon - Thurs
Public Fri - Sun
CERA Pass Holders Fri - Sun
Large Shelter 60'x120'
Medium Shelter 30'x60'
Small Shelter 20'x40'
Shelterhouse Rentals
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