Experience For A Year

CERA is open to the public.

If you plan to use CERA more than once or twice a year, our annual pass eliminates any gate fees and provides unlimited use of the Sports and Fitness Center, Aquatic Center, Miniature Golf, Boat Rentals, Go-Kart Track, Rifle Range and discounted rates for camping and other facility rentals.   Having the annual pass is the only way to qualify for weekly, monthly & seasonal camping rates and seasonal Kids Camp pricing.  


Who can use the Annual Pass?

Each Pass may include a spouse or recognized domestic partner and any legal dependants still living in your household that can be claimed on your taxes and / or added onto your health insurance coverage.  We do not charge by the person, but by the family unit as defined above.

How much is a CERA Annual Pass?

Cost is $500 per pass OR $41.66 per month using the EFT Monthly Pay Program.

Do I qualify for a discount?

CERA offers discounts to those who qualify with the following:

TypeSavingsFee (with discount)
(Employer or place of business is a CERA Affiliate Partner)
25% off$375 or $31.25 per month
Student (valid ID)
10% off
Senior (55+)
10% off
Single10% off
Military (Active or retired)
10% off

These discounts can be used in conjunction together off of the base price and Monthly Payment options are available for all programs through CERA for a minimum of 12-months.

Is my company or place of business a CERA Corporate Partner?

Please see our current List of Partners.  If your company or business is not listed, print off and fill out the Corporate Partnership Agreement and fax it to (812) 377-6408, email it to ceraland@ceraland.org or drop it off at the CERA Office in order to get the company signed up today.  Absolutely NO COST to the company!

How do I purchase my Annual Recreation Pass?

Print off and fill out the Annual Pass Application  and EFT Payment Plan form (if applicable) and fax it to (812) 377-6408, email it to ceraland@ceraland.org or drop it off at the CERA Sports & Fitness Center.

You may also purchase by phone by calling (812) 377-5849.

Still have questions? Please contact us.